Shifting Frequencies – Transforming Vibrations.


Energy shifts

We are living in extraordinary times, times of enormous shifts in Awareness, times of great changes in culture and society, times of planetary evolution. Some would say that vibrational modulations are occurring. Others would say that it is Earth changing. And yet others would say that it is the end of the millennium blues. I like to talk about frequency shifts and their relationship to people and the planet. For many different reasons, we are waking up, becoming Aware. About ourselves. About human potential. About creating a better world. About changing reality. Sound plays a key role in these times, for Sound is helping us adjust to the frequency shifts that are occurring on so many levels.

In the many different traditions and cultures of this planet, our connection to the source is through Sound. In the beginning was the Word. The Sound ! The Harmonics. This understanding is both spiritual and scientific. Everything is frequency. Sound can change the molecular structure. It can create form. We realize the potential of Sonic energy; we understand that virtually anything can be accomplished through vibrations. Then the Miraculous seems possible. Through practice and experience with sacred intent, we can learn to shift our frequencies using Harmonics. These sounds can resonate our body, our brain, and our etheric fields. We can change our vibrational rate through our self-generating sounds. These sacred Sounds, made with a specific intention, and with the energy of love, can interface with the different planes of consciousness, invoking and evoking different levels of awareness. This is particularly true when harmonics are made with conscious intention in a group.


One of the most powerful ways of consciously using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tingshas, Chimes, tuning forks and vocalized Sounds. Sounding in a group can create a morphic field resonance through unified consciousness. On our own, we can consciously interface and affect our own vibratory levels. In groups, sacred sound can influence not only ourselves and those around us, but can adjust the planet to a new level of consciousness. It is like throwing a tiny pebble into a still lake. The ripple waves created by the pebble grow in size and strength and reach to the farthest ends of the lake. This rediscovery of our own ability to shift frequencies through harmonics is a gift that we are given.

It is time for each one of us to raise our Inner Vibratory frequencies, to raise our Consciousness. The ones who take the plunge into their Core vibratory function and transform themselves, lead a Vibrant, Exuberant and Blissful life. The ones who don’t, discover and do not take this plunge of evolution, suffer every passing moment with some or the other fear, anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, guilt, apathy and eventually perish their own Self.

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