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Sound Healing Questions Answered


What does the sound from the bowls actually do? 


Simply put, it puts your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies back into alignment. When these energies are aligned, the needed energy balancing or chakra balancing creates the perfect container for healing.


What is the difference between old and new Himalayan (Tibetan) Singing Bowls and crystal bowls?


Ancient singing bowls come from different areas in the Himalayan mountain range, such as Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. Although their exact age is not known, many of them have been dated back hundreds of years. Made out of a consecrated 7 metal alloy prayers and mantras were chanted to them during the process of their creation. So, these bowls have the sacred energy of the prayers imbued in them. Additionally, the old bowls were made with the intention of healing or transforming consciousness.


The role of ‘intention’ in healing is a strong one. When combined with sound, intention, in the form of mantras, prayer or affirmation( such as om or aum) can greatly increase the vibrations and thus affect the healing.


It is recommended that while you shop for the perfect bowl, be vary about bowls that are machine made and lack any of the ritual, ceremony or sacred aspects of the old bowls. They are made with the intention of commerce. This is not to say that some of these new bowls can’t sound good. Many do have beautiful tones and can even be good healing tools. But as a healer, I prefer to use tools that have the highest vibration and a history of healing energy, so I use the old bowls even though they are more expensive.


Another important aspect of the Himalayan bowls (the ones that I make) is that they work on a fundamental level. That is, their vibrations work on all levels (spiritual, physical and emotional) so they treat the whole being rather than just one energy center or part of the body. Many people report that in additon to pain relief and they come off of the emotial roller coaster and feel a deeper sense of happiness and wellbeing.


The crystal bowls are made by pulverizing crystals found in the earth. Each bowl is fashioned to be in sync with one specific area of the body. In this way they can be useful when addressing a particular area or condition in the body and can work well when combined with Tibetan bowls. I am more of a purist and prefer to only use the old Himalayan bowls because of the the sacred process in which they were made and the fact that they address all levels of healing.


How do the vibrations from the singing bowls help in the healing process?


It is my belief that all disease is, at its core, a mis-alignment of energies. I also believe that our cells, muscles and organs store blocked energy from past and present mis-alignment and this manifests as dis-ease or disease. There is only so much one can do by thinking and talking. Energetic work such as vibrational sound that directly accesses the cellular memory is needed to release blocked energy and bring the body back into alignment. In a sense it creates the conditions in which healing can take place and in doing so speeds up the process.


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