When all is not well


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I have heard so many people tell those who suffer from depression to just “Cheer Up buddy”.

I wonder if they can really believe that it’s that simple.

For someone who has never endured depression, it may seem like a creation of others imaginations or weakness in one’s character. They may perceive it as an excuse for self-pity or an alibi for lack of motivation – a refuge for ones who simply can’t face up to life’s challenges.

Depression may not be as tangible as an ailment in the body, but certainly is as or even more debilitating.

Depression isn’t just sadness. It is emptiness; it is misery. It is a pain, grief, apathy, and nothingness all at once.

When you are truly depressed, you lack the ability or will to cheer yourself up.

No one just has depression – “They Suffer from it.”

Ones who I have seen, and trust me I have seen many in my counseling chambers, they somehow truly struggle through their days, weeks, months and even years, simply hoping for a ray of light.

They try to wear a smile and enthusiastic attitude, but they are internally so fragile, so fatigued, so tired and lack any willpower or energy to pull through their normal routines.

I have seen them wear fake smiles, fake Selfies on facebook, try to please everyone around, trying to hide behind the veil of I am doing Ok. It is much easier for them to fake it, and push away the guilt rather than share, confide or even try to find a solution due to the fear of being ridiculed.

Especially in a society like ours in India, where you are surrounded by friends, family, workmates, people and the society believes that how can One be depressed, depression is a sign of being Mental. This fear of becoming a social outcast prevents people from seeking the right kind of help.

In the modern world we are connected all the time through technology, but hardly are we connected to any human being in whom we can confide.

Depression is one of the worst states of illnesses to be in. It comes as a relief and is much easier to fight when you can see an end to it all; when you know that in the end you will either win or lose. But whatever the outcome, the war will be over.

The thing about depression is it blurs your perception of the future and makes it nearly impossible to see an end.

You start to think that there is no such thing as Winning and why bother fighting if you already know you the outcome. It gradually strips you of any hope you once had. And without hope its difficult to see a future bright or reason to fight.

P.S:- Many who are reading this will resonate, will instantly compare and identify others who may be depressed. In today’s World, I see millions who are in a state of depression, and many even don’t know about it.

If you can simply identify and help yourself or your near dear ones, you will be saving a Soul from sulking oneself to the grave.anx

Master Chintan Dalal, is a Kriya Yoga and Nada Yoga teacher, who has been helping many overcome different Mental, Physical, Monetary ailments through his workshops, seminars, Healings & Counselling sessions.


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  1. Good evening
    We have a family member who is dealing with the issue. We would like to know more about the said two yogas and how it helps. Regards Bhagishree uniyal

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